PM Netanyahu Attends Welcoming Ceremony for INS Rahav
Photo by Kobi Gideon, GPO     

Following are excerpts from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks today, at the Israel Navy base in Haifa, at the welcoming ceremony for the submarine INS Rahav:
"I would like to thank the German government, Chancellor Merkel and President Gauck, for your great contribution to building up our naval strength by supplying this submarine and other important means that we are discussing. I would also like to express my deepest appreciation for the mutually beneficial security relationship between Israel and Germany, about which I have spoken at length with Chancellor Merkel, Foreign Minister Steinmeier and other German government officials.
This steel submarine sailed thousands of kilometers from the Kiel shipyards in northern Germany to Haifa port. It will be fitted with advanced, blue-and-white measures which will aid us in defense and offense, as a closed naval fist.
Above all, our submarine fleet will act as a deterrent to our enemies who want to destroy us. They will not achieve their aim. They need to know that Israel is capable of striking in very great strength at all those who would harm it. And the citizens of Israel need to know that Israel is a very strong country. We are doing – and we will do – our utmost to defend you, anywhere: In the cybernetic world, where we are building a cyber network, in the air and above the air – in space, on the ground and underground – against the tunnel threat, on the sea and under the sea – with submarines.
Israel’s naval arm will continue to extend its reach, and add striking power, to distant and global quarters. Navy personnel, including the submarine crews, carry out many daring operations far from home port and – to a similar degree – far from view.
Our naval arm, including the submarines, is an essential defensive force in the stormy reality of the Middle East. Rogue waves continue to inundate the region and dangerous whirlpools encompass it on every side.
We identify the dangers in time and we are well prepared to repel them. The task of responsible leadership is not to hide its head in the sand. We must have a clear view of what is happening around us. Our goals are clear: Maintain our security, ensure our sovereignty and advance the development and prosperity of our country."