In an emotional ceremony that took place at the end of the program, which lasted four months, received סיום16 cards boys
Excited boys raised last night (Tuesday) in the graduation of Orthodox youth RES project
In the town of Netivot. The ceremony was attended by the parents of the boys, officers
And police officers, representatives of the city of Netivot, rabbis, representatives of city without violence, volunteers and partners
Added received the certificate of completion.

Four months in reserve 11 project factory in the town of Netivot in Haredi youths identified as youth at risk. While participation in the project
The boys with the help of the officers played back in school, renewed contact with their families.
And leave the dangerous cycle.

Res. (Israel Police for youth) is a social programme niatit. Its purpose is to rehabilitate members
Fetal youth or youth at risk and give them the tools and motivation to maintain life course
And here’s part of the normal aid to community on all levels.

Netivot, station chief Aimable, noted that
This is an important project and shared values has many factors that help young people to acquire
And tools to integrate into society and is sure that the fascinating and educational experience her walk past them.
And to help other youth.

Translated from Hebrew