The Mediterranean city of Holon annually hosts an international competition for ranked rhythmic gymnasts, who have a small but growing following in Israel. Israel is the only non-European country to host the elite international competition, held six times a year in different locations.

Rhythmic gymnastics celebrates 10 years in Israel


Nita Rivkin performs at the International Grand Prix competition in Israel this March. (Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum)

By Avigayil Kadesh

Top-tier competitors from 20 countries gathered in Israel for the 2011 International Grand Prix for Rhythmic Gymnastics on March 4 and 5. It was the 10th consecutive year that Holon, a culture hub near Tel Aviv, has hosted a Grand Prix event.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a demanding discipline that combines ballet, rhythmic motions, acrobatics and dance with hand tools such as a ball, clubs, rope and ribbon. The sport is extremely exacting and calls for extraordinary levels of synchronization and coordination.