The teenagers arrested, city residents, India during interrogation that stole over 110 electric bicycles and סוללות12 youth, residents of Tel Aviv, were arrested last weekend on suspicion of shoplifting electric bikes and batteries and sold to businesses. In recent months, would arrive in small groups (2-3 boys) high schools and shopping centers in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Giv’atayim, and batteries and selling them to stores that deal in this field.

The Israel Police investigators contacted the guards at schools and centers
And briefed them to contact them as soon as they identify suspicious people attempting to steal batteries
And electric bicycles. Last Tuesday, a guard at one of the schools
In Ramat Gan in three boys who tried to steal a bicycle batteries. The guard shot
The suspects and the police from which anything nearby. The officers who arrived at the scene of
Time, performed scans and caught the three teenagers with the stolen goods.

During interrogation the youths more Kay minor
And claimed that the theft was in shopping centers and high schools which had known that there are several
Of electric bicycles. They often arrived in the afternoon
Schools because they knew that there was only one guard, which ease the Act of theft.

India 12 minors over 110 cases of
Bicycle theft and batteries with each battery sold at the price of 300-1000 dollars (depending on the State) and
A bike sold in 1000 shekels or dismantled and sold as spare parts.
The youth said investigators expected further arrests.
In this case, and emphasize that the best way to avoid this theft is just taking the battery and
Keep along with the bike.

Translated from Hebrew