Every Monday night, up to 300 rollerbladers hit the streets of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Rollers


​"Rollers is a kind of freedom," says Alik Mintz, founder of Tel Aviv Rollers, a rollerblading group that meets every Monday night. "Tel Aviv, I would say, is the best town for rollers because it has a beautiful night life so people are around all night. So there is a very high, very good atmosphere."

Member Yoav adds, "It’s hard to describe the feeling of skating in a group, such a large group, in the middle of Tel Aviv. It’s full of energy and almost a spiritual feeling."
Tel Aviv Rollers started as an informal group of friends who’d put on their skates and then go for drinks. As the time went by, more people joined in, and the fun became organized. Now there can be as many as 300 skaters each Monday night.

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