The Ministry of Health call the public not to use eggs marked with the letters UA, which indicates that they originate from Ukraine. These eggs are no longer in shops or in markets, but they may be present in consumers’ homes or in commercial kitchen ​

In the framework of extensive tests performed by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health to detect a new Salmonella subspecies in Israel, salmonella enteritidis has been found only in chicken eggs that were imported from Ukraine. Immediately upon receipt of the test results, the Ministry of Agriculture stopped the importation of eggs from Ukraine, and their marketing and sale by the marketing chains. The Ministry of Agriculture is working to alter the countries from which eggs are imported in order to meet the demand.
The Ministry of Agriculture has asked the Veterinary Services in Ukraine to conduct an investigation of the source of the bacteria, and has put egg importation from Ukraine to an immediate stop. Egg shipments that are on their way from Ukraine to Israel will not be approved for distribution and sale by the marketing chains. 
We again emphasize to the public the rules for egg consumption, also on a routine basis: 
Eggs should only be purchased if they are from a known source and they bear the marketer’s name, stamp and expiry date. 
Make sure to purchase eggs from authorized places (not from door-to-door sales) and follow the rules listed below:
  • It is important to fully cook eggs, e.g. hard boiled egg (full cooking kills bacteria).
  • Avoid eating fried egg or soft boiled egg.
  • It is forbidden to eat food that contains raw eggs. 
  • It is recommended to store eggs in the refrigerator.
The above rules should be carefully observed, especially when food for infants, the elderly or persons with an impaired immune system is involved.