This evidentiary formed committed rape offences and indecent act in works in which was under him. The case will be transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office for investigation and hlthamshtera finished her business suspected of committing sexual offenses on a number of occasions against the prison service worker by Commander Ayalon prison, fancy that they, when the relations between them. During the interrogation, suspicion for committing the offenses stipulated in other cases, including when used in Gondar year Joseph. The inquiry questioned Joseph in warning, testimonies and investigation actions.

The findings of the investigation leaves that Gondar matter Joseph made allegedly raping and dark deeds on several occasions against working under him and formed an evidential fact that the molester is working again while under one of his previous roles, but due to the passage of time this case began aging. The investigation began as a result of information passed to police by prison service officials and conducted in full cooperation with them.

At the end of an investigation that has developed that evidentiary shoham, during his service in, committed the offense of raping, indecent act with an adult of utilization and felony misuse of power, position it on a number of occasions against the prison service worker who was under it. The investigation moved to the Central District Attorney (criminal law), and reference.

Translated from Hebrew