Two weeks ago, received the degrees boruch ezagui Tessler and command of the Division in Israel Police. The ceremony was attended also by his mother Sarah, the survivor shoaalpni 2 weeks received degrees the boruch ezagui Tessler and over
Planning and organization Division in Israel, as part of a round of nominating senior staff of
Israel Police. The ceremony was the mother of Sarah, Tessler is Holocaust survivor.

Abby Rath wrote following the feel:

“Sarah’s eyes already everything Tessler
During 87 years. See beautiful girls and bondage and humiliation. See life and see everything. See exile and redemption. See nether and see and. See times of peace and times of war. See many attempts and many miracles. Saw a lot of toil and labour and much satisfaction. And those eyes-see uniforms and symbolized the height of steps, the humiliation and exile
See today’s uniform everyone sovereignty, pride, liberty, and redemption. “
“Who won the Grandma’s eyes.
Sarah Tesler from Kibbutz yavneh, son boruch ezagui Tesler accepts Israel Police Commissioner ranks, see how
These eyes have already seen everything in life is reflected all Judaic and essence, and ball’s story
Pay. These eyes I’ve seen were covered.
With love, pride and faith “.

Translated from Hebrew