The suspects used to call elderly and show false representation for injury to a family member and demanded money an undercover activity gbohimbthom which lasted eight months and was across the continents began this morning (Tuesday) the activity. During that 12 suspects were arrested in fraud sting international ”
Lithuanian. According to Israel is suspected in dozens of elderly immigrants get CIS all
Across the country and a total of one million dollars.
The unit participated in action
Jewel of the tax authorities and the investigation is supported by District Attorney’s Office.

This is one of the uglies.
The big sting were in Israel. The police fraud squad.
Israel opened 270 files
During covert operations
Israel Police officers went with the assistance of Interpol and Israel Police representative in the Commonwealth
And Baltic countries to police in Lithuania to work on a joint action against two main suspects.
Operating the scam international network of Lithuania and were involved in drifts
In Israel.

While working with the special units that the transfer was made
To Lithuania through: Western Union, of G.M.,
צ’יינגים and UNIstream.
The method was
Constant and uniform, suspects were calling hundreds of elderly victims CIS creating presentation
On false, one of the family members of victims (Thayer, boy, woman, etc) and require money amount
Very high in order to resolve the case without
To involve the authorities and generally of impersonating a lawyer.

At the same time of purchase
Trust of the victim contacted his partner of the pretender in the field and sends it to the address
The victim in order to collect the money. While holding the victim on the phone until the Messenger arrives,
The process usually take a few minutes. If there was rising concern that the suspect or victim?
The call was disconnected weren’t contacted, but moving to the next victim.

The funds collected were transferred at the end of each day with currency services providers and make criminals in Lithuania.
Southern District Commander
Major General Yoram halevy emphasized: “elder abuse helpless is ignoble and despicable. Take those elderly fraud funds intended for the purchase of food and medicine is a serious act.
, Rock bottom, wickedness and inhumanity.
Are full.
The hardware with all those involved.

Translated from Hebrew