The new MA Program in Diplomacy Studies is intended to elucidate the role of diplomacy as a main vehicle for addressing the broad cluster of questions and issues in the Middle East.

University of Haifa MA program in Diplomacy Studies


The Diplomacy Studies program is intended to provide its students with:

✓ up-to-date diplomatic methods
✓ new bargaining techniques
✓ new historical data
✓ new comparative perspectives
✓ new communication theories
✓ new insights on simulation theories and practice –
With special emphasis on the actual dynamics of diplomatic processes as they unfold in the contemporary Middle East.

The new  MA Program in Diplomacy Studies is primarily intended to elucidate the role of diplomacy as a main vehicle and mechanism for systematically addressing the broad cluster of questions and issues that  impinge upon the entire region, and which cannot, therefore, be effectively dealt with  exclusively from a narrow unilateral or bilateral vantage point. This focus on the role of collaborative diplomatic mechanisms is designed to provide the students with new insights, concepts and analytical tools for fully understanding the enhanced functions of diplomacy in this new setting. At the same time, it is intended to enable them to identity more effectively solutions to a broad-range of political, cultural and economic problems with which they are faced as officials and decision-makers.
The core of the Program will be the simulated analysis of concrete diplomacy-oriented decision-games and action-games. In the course of this simulation, the students will experiment with a wide-range of diplomatic and strategic concepts, techniques and scenarios in a controlled and structured effort to emulate real time crisis-situations, with emphasis on the mechanisms and tools for mitigating and defusing them. It is hoped that the lessons drawn from this experience in simulation will sensitize the students to the usefulness of various diplomatic tools and techniques as means for promoting international stability and collaboration.

General Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree in political science from an accredited university in Israel or abroad, official transcript and copy of diploma. Students in other disciplines will be considered provided they complete the academic prerequisities.
A minimum of 3.0 GPA, 80% (Israeli system) or equivalent
TOEFL scores (if applicable)
Statement of Intent/Personal Essay (500-750 words)
Curriculum Vitae/Resume
Two recommendations from relevant academic faculty members
Medical forms (international students only)
Copy of valid passport and six passport-sized photos (international students only)

Exceptions to the admissions requirements: Under certain exceptional circumstances, the committee may be willing to consider applicants that do not meet the minimal admissions requirements. Such applicants may submit a request for special consideration explaining why they believe their application merits consideration despite their not meeting the minimum requirements. The request must be submitted in writing and approved by the committee before a full application is submitted.

The application deadline for international students has been extended to May 15, 2013. Download application form.