The Security Minister and police chief praised the action of the fighters, who killed the terrorist who committed the attack. “thank you on behalf of all citizens of ישראל”השר security, ardan and the Chief
Relations between Rooney, 212, met this evening (Sunday) and commanders who fighters who killed the terrorist who committed
The attack in Tel Aviv last week. On Friday, when he noticed the bomber force around anywhere.
He was in hiding, opened fire toward the Warriors, and in response made accurate shooting.

“I want to thank you on behalf of all citizens of the State of Israel
For quick and determined, “said Minister. “I kept on vigilance and interoperability
Very high throughout the week and showed again that she strike the elite the best,
And one of the best in the world in fighting terrorism. On behalf of the entire nation I salute you “.

The Police Commissioner said: “it is a wide operation
The scope of which included Israel Police activated high intensity conflict to an end–to get our hands on the perpetrator.
Who action deserve all praise and proves once again that the long arm of the security arms reach
All terrorist and acclaim with the DIN.

נ׳ is the only commander said: “the unit.
And her haven’t stopped working now. During the days we turned every stone to find
The bomber. The steadfastness, the fighters searched House by House, depending on what might have detected intelligence until and disabled.
The force responded exactly as expected, quickly, efficiently and professionally. We are proud to protect with
Israel “.

Translated from Hebrew