The policemen were injured in the fight with the bomber. The Commander of the police district in the field proves too much, the ktsoaiotam event determination and devotion to saving the חיים”מחבל today (Friday) to the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem area running toward armed policemen with a knife and attacked them. Check out the bomber in the head, wounding him seriously. Another fighter who struggled with the bomber was wounded in the hand. The team carried out shooting at the terrorist and prevented further attacks on police and civilians.

The officers and fighters trained and skilled to work to neutralize the threat the right way and value depending on each situation “he said Jerusalem District Commander, major general Yoram halevy. “The policemen deployed in the area have proven and demonstrated a ktsoaiotam event, daily determination and dedication to saving lives of guts and fearlessly. We will continue with the increased activities to prevent injury to innocent persons and for the security of the capital.

Translated from Hebrew