The project combined for the first time in school and volunteer activities which would be integrated into the community this evening.
(Tuesday) was opened for the first time unique project RES (Israel Police for youth) in school.
Future in Karachi. The project will take some 30 students and is conducted in collaboration with the principal of the school
And the Education Department at City Hall.

RES projects, new project activities during school hours.
And were it voluntary activities and for the community.

Operations Directorate of Zebulon wished the success of the hope that everyone will come to the end of June.
2016. the ceremony placing the community police officer of Kiryat Motzkin also will accompany the project
Students across 32 sessions.

The school admitted about the choice to lead the project in its pilot new home
Digit. The students held a lecture about the negative aspects of crime.

Translated from Hebrew