Several suspects have been arrested on suspicion of operating a criminal enterprise. “The arrests are another significant step in combating crime criminal organization from the South stopped the morning before trying to leave the country. In addition, several other suspects from working with him. This event joins a long line of cases in recent weeks and months, which according to the suspected criminal organization tried to strengthen its position at the expense of another organization.

Southern District Commander, major general Yoram halevy, referring to the arrests, saying: “our activities against criminal organizations at different levels are carried out according to a systematic plan, order and is designed with goal setting and attacking them while collecting high-quality intelligence, and operational and creative wisdom that has been successful in recent months, killings of 17 criminal attacks, dozens of arrests and indictments against serious criminals used by agents to guards and risked the lives of many citizens.

“The perpetrators arrested today belong to criminal organizations are known in the South, and suspected to be involved in violent conflicts and difficulties. This is another significant step and combat serious crime and meeting the goals and meeting the highest standards we independent war stops and the same in the various criminal organizations.

Translated from Hebrew