Truck caught by MoEP’s David Unit Photo: MoEP

At Least 10 Trucks Caught Trying to Smuggle Waste this Month; 300 Caught in Past Two Years
Truck caught by MoEP's David Unit
Photo: MoEP
For the second time this month, trucks trying to smuggle waste into the West Bank have been caught. Three trucks full of 100 tons of electronic waste were stopped on the night of Dec. 22nd, during a joint operation between the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s David Unit and the Israeli Civil Administration. They were hoping to dump the e-waste somewhere in Hebron, in order to avoid having to deal with the waste according to Israeli law.

​Two weeks ago, the David Unit captured about seven vehicles trying to smuggle waste into the West Bank. The trucks were confiscated, and the drivers were summoned to a hearing. Ultimately, their waste transfer permits could be revoked, and in some instances, the case could be handed over to the Israel Police.

Israeli law imposes a landfill levy on waste that is buried in landfills. Those that hired the trucks were attempting to avoid paying that levy.

The environmental impact of illegally dumping waste are severe, and include water contamination, soil contamination, and waste fires that constitute a nuisance to nearby residents.

The David Unit was established by the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) in December 2013 in order to cope with the phenomena of smuggling waste into the West Bank and illegally dumping it there, as well as smuggling of logs to be used to make charcoal.

Dozens of vehicles are checked each day in order to prevent these illegal activities. Since the unit began operating, some 300 vehicles were caught and confiscated.