Is Zvika Tessler entered officially Chief of section in place of the outgoing Wing Commander Denis hanbagef, planning and organizing held
Today (Monday) command substitution ceremony shnitzb Zvika Tessler entered officially Chief of Division
In place of the outgoing Mayor, Danny Chen. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Chief of police, Commissioner
Rooney, 212 police officers, officers from the Department and the families.

“Not everybody.
We feel deep in her bones אג”ת” changing the perception that we generate
In planning the annual Crimestoppers. And is not focused on budget and, unless earlier
All the essence and strategic idea in ‘, “said the Police Commissioner. “The challenges of stack
אג”ת are in regards to the strategic challenges of the Organization: leading the change
The perception of the role of the police within the police classic, invasion of the Arab sector, strengthening of security
The Jerusalem police headquarters, strengthening urban law enforcement, upgrading of technology
Israel and more.

The Police Commissioner appealed to the outgoing Commander, Commander, and told him: “led the five wing
Years with an iron fist. Leading service access to the area, with the understanding and powerful introduction
Years below the surface. Education placed around professional officers with
A spark in the eye and slowly get אג”ת mode instead. Anywhere enterprise, a place of deep understanding of corporate moves
And boost development. I’d like to take this opportunity and thank you on behalf of myself and the Israel Police.
And citizens as a whole, for your contribution much Israel Police, during approximately 40 years long service
(Although not continuously), full of loot key positions, and blue police “.

The incoming commander said the Police Commissioner: “recommendation.
Minister to appoint you as אג”ת because I’m confident in your abilities to do so. As a helicopter pilot.
You can look down, but also down to the ground, without the required landing the plane.
Wing, you could lift you back from the land who is required to perform together.
The task. Nothing like a load values
And idealistic, to complete personal skills through task success, so I am convinced
In your success. I welcome you to Sepp of national Israel and wish you
And all the best. “

Translated from Hebrew