The suspect has agreed to assist Jihad to sneak into Israel and arrested on his return from Jordan. During questioning about himself attributed to him for publication: after a joint investigation of Israel Police and Shin Bet forwarded the day charges were filed against a student in his 20s, a resident of Tel Sheva. The young defendant that when used as a sub in school in Tel Sheva conspiring with Jihad, Arab countries agreed to assist Jihad to infiltrate Israel and joined the Ma’mun gihadi.

Three weeks ago, on 18 January, the suspect was arrested while on his way back from Jordan and taken for questioning. During his investigation shows that before went to Jordan with plotting a Jihad and Arab countries agreed to assist Jihad from Tunis to infiltrate Israel and carry out together with Israel’s military activity. Another shows that during this period, agreed to join a jihadi? Ma’mun.

During interrogation the suspect about himself attributed to him. After establishing the resulting infrastructure will be submitted against him by Southern District Attorney’s indictment and detention until the end of the proceedings.

Translated from Hebrew