The majestic central unit central nine suspected arrested in wake of ודיעיני41 information to ensure illegal aliens detected by border fighters of
Israel when they crammed inside a trunk of a van.
During the fighting the phenomenon of illegal staying in the morning (Sunday) received
In a Central Intelligence Centre about a van used by the
Providing transportation.

Only fighters were operational, spotted the suspect vehicle
And stopped him while driving on route 6. A search value in the trunk of his car, were fighters.
Discover a selection of 41 illegal compressed without any seats or safety measures, on the floor of a cell
The trunk.
The driver of the car was arrested for interrogation in the unit, and eight passengers were arrested.
Added criminal harbouring. Other people investigated illegal and returned to Judea
And Samaria.

Operational efforts and intelligence are large by
Israel Police and border every day as part of fighting crime, particularly
Crime-generators, the mlinim and the small, the understanding and the lessons of the past.
In most infiltrators entering the country only for a living, some people
The illegal infiltration of hostile terrorist activity platform against Israel citizens.

Translated from Hebrew