Kishon River Photo: Yossi Sorojon

Flow of Sewage into Kishon River Halted
Kishon River
Photo: Yossi Sorojon

The Green Police of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) will begin a criminal investigation into a pollution incident in the Kishon River. Earlier this week, the Kishon River Authority discovered that sewage from factories in the Kiryat Tivon area was flowing directly into the Kishon. The authority immediately called in workers from the company that maintains water infrastructure for the local sewage corporation. The problem was treated, and the flow of sewage was halted by January 17th.

While the investigation is just beginning, a preliminary examination has found that the pollution apparently began as a result of strain on the pumping station, which led to a power outage that caused the system to break down.

Kishon River Authority officials have expressed dissatisfaction with what it considered a failure of the warning system at the delivery station. Both MoEP and Kishon River Authority officials will work together with the sewage corporation to refine procedures in future similar circumstances. In addition they are demanding that the station be upgraded.

The Kishon River in the area of Kiryat Tivon serves as an ecological corridor for living animals. Pollution can cause significant harm to these animals, and can also damage recent achievements in rehabilitating flora and fauna that was carried out over the past few years.