Ten suspects have been arrested during the investigation concerns a suspected robbery, theft offenses and property crimes nospotihida vehicles
Nationwide in recent weeks arrested 10 suspects for serious crimes and bar are robbery, risk
A man in the bus lane, stolen vehicles and other property crimes, as part of this extensive exposing
For interoperability, the gang operates in bands across the country.

In the investigation.
That one gang members operating in varying ensembles performed systematically and organised theft offenses
Vehicles, especially motor vehicles imported into the country and regulated permits expire, and that process made offences
Purchase a variety of different areas in Northern, Central and southern.

The various bands of the gang is suspected of committing settled several cases of hacking tool storage Kowloon
Imported vehicles that are not yet regulated permits expire and the vehicle rental in the North and South as well as theft of several
Vehicles in parallel, where no luxury vehicles. Another attributed to some members of the gang suspected of carrying out the outbursts.
Homes, property theft and conspiracy to commit robbery, violent event in the shephelah and the tool attempts
Stolen vehicles abroad through Haifa Port.

Patients during the verses:

After a complex investigation recently filed charges against two members of one of the gang
For performance of automotive theft, felony endangerment of a bus lane
And other offenses. The defendants settled among others breaking into the field of vehicles imported in the shephelah
And vehicle theft.

The detention of the accused by police forces after being stolen according
Suspect vehicles in the area. After a Chase during which the suspects drove at speeds exceeding
200 קמ״ש Highway 6, block צה״לי from trying to escape into איו״ש areas, risk
Substantially the lives of passengers on their way.

Thanks to intelligence and operational activity, raising suspicion the involvement of members of one gang member
Operating in the South, in some cases stealing luxury vehicles import warehouses in the South of the country and in several
Many other vehicles thefts, stealing bursts into homes and wealth and commit violent robberies.
In January this year in the shephelah.

Within the framework of the activities of police forces have arrested a suspect after a burst of
The suspected computer warehouse in an industrial park in Leeds and was caught after Chase חם״ ״על,
Driving recklessly and disorderly against Greece, hitting the car and wounding from the driver.
And finally collided with a bus. His car seized dozens of suspected stolen computers worth an estimated
Hundreds of thousands of shekels.

The development in the investigation stopped further national police unit four other suspected gang members.
In committing crimes. Two of the suspects will be brought to discussion on extending detention subject to filing
Attorney Declaration on the intention of the Central District Attorney’s Office to file charges against them. Two of the suspects are
In terms of house arrest and the investigation of their cases. Against another suspect the police indicted for
Making the violation dismissed an investigation after formulated evidence that tried to move to avoid giving testimony in the case.

Thanks to additional and significant development in the investigation of the case stopped this week national unit of police cooperation
With the Miss of Haifa customs tax authority, three other suspects on suspicion of involvement in the theft.
Performed by the suspicion by the gang, during which several luxury vehicles stolen from warehouse zone import
Intersection and trying to export them abroad through Haifa Port.

Involved export procedure carried container
That was supposed to contain compressors as customs approval test revealed two suspected stolen luxury vehicles.
Among the detainees are private entities engaged in trade, import and export of vehicles and customs,
Which according to the use and access of the work force for their assistance in attempting
The smuggling. Also attributed to suspects suspected of committing crimes of hopeFor invoices Home
Rishon Lezion magistrate’s Court extended the detention of the three suspects until Thursday and interrogation persists, as well as
Investigation of the whole affair.

In the framework of
The case is still being investigated suspected gang involvement in stealing a few vehicles from the port of Haifa. Vehicles
Stolen from the port, as well as most of the vehicles stolen in other cases patients during discharge,
Detected and captured by the police and returned to their owners.

The exposure
Join investigation and detection line, arrests and indictments and adopted by the police in cooperation with
With the tax authorities and other enforcement bodies against vehicle theft and haollia and against crime.
The accompanying her serious, that has to be a risk to human life. Also continue in their struggle
Against violations in the field of import, export and international trade of automobiles to have impact.
Financially. The police, the tax authorities and law enforcement agencies will continue to fight it with determination and professionalism.

Translated from Hebrew