Minister Avi Gabbay (2nd from right) presents Intel with first green industrial building label Photo: Ran Zisovitz

Intel Receives First Label in Israel for Building Green Industrial Complex
Minister Avi Gabbay (2nd from right) presents Intel with first green industrial building label
Photo: Ran Zisovitz

A first for Israel… Intel has received the first Green Building Standard for an industrial complex. The new Intel complex in Kiryat Gat meets the requirements to receive SI 5281, the  sustainable buildings standards. While SI 5281 was established in 2005, it was upgraded in 2014 to include standards for industrial buildings; and Intel is the first company in Israel to build a complex in accordance with the upgranded standard. This will mean financial savings for the company, as adherence to the standards will lead to a reduction in energy and water consumption. Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabbay presented Intel with the new green building label at a ceremony on Jan. 6, 2015.

​Minister Avi Gabbay: "Owners of factories and industrial buildings, which usually consume a lot of energy, also understand the benefit of green building and environmental thinking. There is a significant financial savings and improvement in the health of workers. Processes such as this green building process are the direct continuation of our commitment at the Paris Climate Conference, and will help us reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases."

Intel Israel CEO Maxine Fassberg: "I am proud to accept this green building standard for Intel in Kiryat Gat, after Intel’s Haifa office was certified as a green building a few years ago. We could have taken the easy road, and relied on the international standard. Instead we chose the Israel standard out of a desire to promote industry in Israel, and to develop processes that are better for the Israeli market, and lead the way for other Israeli factories. As a technology company, we are constantly seeking innovative solutions to contribute to the environment and the health of our workers."

Hila Beinish, Director General of the Israeli Council for Green Building: "The new standard for green industrial complexes is an important stage in the development of green building in Israel. Implementation of the standard will lead to more correct planning and operation of industrial complexes, as well as to significant savings in energy efficiency, water, and other resources. It should be noted that the industrial sector has a relatively large impact on the environment, and therefore the standard is a real way to reduce the damage of industry to the environment and public health."

The new, updated standard does not relate only to the structure itself. It also relates to the area around the buildings in the complex.

Being recognized as a green building by the Ministry of Environmental Protection will give Intel a marketing advantage over competitors, and provides an objective confirmation that the complex is, in fact, more environmentally friendly than other buildings. Companies in existing buildings can also receive the Green Label, if they make the necessary improvements.