For the first time, Jerusalem’s Sacher Park will become a center for imagination and inspiration, as the international science, technology and art open-air festival Geek PicNic takes over the center of Jerusalem during the Passover holidays, April 25-27, 2016. 45,000 visitors are expected to attend the three day event, which will include 25 robots from overseas, 150 performances, 150 superheroes, 50 international speakers and presentations, 40 VR/AR experiences, 30 3D printers, 25 international gadget startups, 20 labs and four stages.

International sensation Geek PicNic comes to Israel


Copyright: Courtesy Israel Ministry of Tourism

(Israel Ministry of Tourism)

The Geek PicNic is an all-family culture and entertainment experience that celebrates everything and anything that is geek chic – robotics, space, science and science fiction, 3d printing, VR, astounding tech breakthroughs, visionary scientific research and the latest and most innovative gadgets, all in an open-air park atmosphere, with dozens of attractions happening simultaneously.

This is Geek PicNic’s first foray outside of Russia, where the event was founded. Over the course of a few years, it has become a global phenomenon, home to a community of tens of thousands of eager and geeky enthusiasts. Israel, the startup nation, was a simple choice to begin with, and Jerusalem, a technological powerhouse, a city that combines scientific and technological peaks of excellence and ingenuity, alongside a rich and profound backdrop of history and spirituality, was selected after careful consideration and examination of all the conditions the city can enable the festival to proceed and to grow for years to come.

The Geek PicNic attractions include:

  • The Robotic Garden: Flaring up the imagination is a zoo of 20 robots of different shapes and sizes, and from various countries around the world – from huge monsters to interactive automatons.
  • The Third Industrial Revolution – from virtual to physical: A platform to see and experience some of the more extreme and inventive uses of 3D printers – from printing tattoos to printing coffee.
  • The Makers: An opportunity to meet the people behind one of the most interesting and influential movements in the world today, the heralds of the third industrial revolution – part inventors, part artists, part technological poets. The Makers hope to inspire creativity and empower visitors to join the DIY spirit and movement of making and creating!
  • Digital Art: Israel is one of the leading voices connecting technology and creativity. The festival will showcase several performances that combine music, movement, mechanics, screens, sound and art.
  • Gaming Zone: Touch screens, jousting, role-playing, table-top, retro video games and of course consoles and e-sports. Everything and anything that is games with some technology in the mix.
  • The Virtual Realm: 2016 is the year virtual reality breaks out. A hoard of gadgets, up until now available to a select few as development kits, will now be readily available to the general public, and with them a multitude of apps, games and experiences.
  • Geeks and Gadgets Market: An enormous fair with the coolest gadgets, accessories, collectibles and paraphernalia that geeks love – science fiction and comics, anime and steamkpunk, role-playing games, costume design, tshirts and super-heroes.
  • Wearable Technology: A fashion show with all-3D-printed  clothing!
  • Bionics and Cyborgs: Where does the body end and technology begin? Technology enables disabled people, whether from birth or by accident, to not only heal, but become super-human, in their strength, speed, agility and other physical attributes. A meeting place where technological advancements are discussed and explored.
  • I Love Science: The forefront of research alongside live demonstrations – crazy experiments, chemical acts and the pièce de résistance – the TESLA COILS "MAN MADE LIGHTENING" ACT.

Geek PicNic is supported by the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, the Jerusalem Development Authority, The Jerusalem Municipality and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – the academic sponsor of the festival.

Geek PicNic is joined by several top-tier establishments, institutes and groups, at the forefront of their respective fields – science, technology and art, media and communications and geek culture in general, among them are Hitech Zone, JNext, BioJerusalem, Made in Jerusalem, ForReal Team, The Utopia Festival for Science, Imagination and Future Visions, GameIS, Hansen House- Center of Design, Media and Technology, The Kuli Alma Gallery and Bar, Scopus and many others.