During the day, the Israel Police conduct lectures for students in order to raise awareness of youth tohashoteri surfing Israel Police have this week lectures for students in junior high schools and high schools throughout the country during the national day for the Internet “. The lectures are designed to raise awareness of safe surfing on the Web, of the dangers, prevent and cope.

Join the activity of prevention activities and advocacy Israel Police maintains throughout the year, as determined and progressive enforcement against criminal offences on the Internet.
About network enforcement responsible of skilled and professional value of cyber investigators have uncovered dozens of criminals operating in the various areas of crime network.

Some tips for tagging your child safe browsing:

-Before you send or give your consent for photo or video. Once tzolmtam or send picture

-You have control over the images and may be propagated on the network.
-Whom do you chat on the Internet are not always who they present themselves. Maintain your privacy and do not pass your personal details.

-Refrain from meeting with people who met on the social network, especially not ones that seem to encourage you that suspiciously. If agreed to, inform the parents or your friends. Meet in a public place and reach the meeting alone.

-Offensive behavior at network, such as the publication of photos and videos degrading, spoofing, hacking computers, both criminal offenses for all intents and purposes. If you receive abusive content, take part in offensive operations but reacted and defended the action. Do not shake, do not share. Block, delete, report to responsible adult and filed a complaint with the police.

If you feel hurt, consult a responsible adult and filed a complaint with the police if necessary. It is advisable to bring with you to stop any material that may assist in an investigation such as screenshots, printouts, etc. Anonymity on the net is not absolute. Israel Police could locate the computers of which were felonies.

-Download software only from a trusted source, acceptable. Made using up-to-date antivirus software.

Translated from Hebrew