Commissioner David Office Pavilion as South ceremony. He replaces Major General Yoram halevy to eight iroshlimnizb district
David, went today (Sunday) to his role as Chief of the Southern police district in a ceremony at the headquarters of the district
South. The Pavilion is Yoram Halevi who served as Chief of the southern province more than three years.
And in the last round of appointments to command and lead the district.

The ceremony.
Took place in the presence of Minister of internal security ח״כ ardan, the Commissioner Commissioner Ronnie alshich, Faculty
Israel Police’s command and, through partners and family members of the officers.

The Police Commissioner Ronnie alshich, the District Commander, major general Yoram halevy, said:
“You mark in the last three years as Commander has the ability, initiative, dedication
The role and task. You move today to your successor and district,
And values. South County contribution to developing models
Organizations that have proven efficacy across various types of crime and offences of normative citizens. The County.
In your command wasn’t afraid to take on national hkirthiot tasks, like a national unit,
Professionalism, service oriented and much נשמה״ ״טיפולי. Nothing remains
For our special ashiithch and wish you good luck in the new job as Commander of the Jerusalem District.

The County Commissioner to the incoming Commander, David, and said, “you’re coming home.
To him, full of many significant roles to the Deputy Commander of the province. No
Doubt that the sparkle in the eye who accompanied you as head of logistics support will continue to spark the concern
And your notes from the new job new challenges defined in the revised operating concept
Israel Police. If the sparkle in your eyes so far was a service officer,
From here you return to serve the citizen! I have no doubt that David in his humility he learns to preserve
Required however becomes new stones and will required modifications to bring to fulfillment the ability
The County facing new challenges formulated to Israel Police District as a whole. “

South, is David, greeted the Chief Yoram Halevi and the ceremony and said: ״ניצב
I am in awe with the right and duty to carry the County, this is the right and duty
To serve and protect the citizens of the South as the Commander of the twenty-four of the Southern District. It is the culmination
Of the twenty-nine years, most in command positions to my County units.
Head Office, station commander in the Negev and Lachish, as provincial headquarters, officer commanding a bit, as Deputy Commander.
And provincial place, today I come home. “

Living in the South since his childhood, growing up here, I grew up and made his home here.
AVI volunteer scholarship was the first Director of the Israel, here set the seat
My mother, brother and sisters, children and grandchildren live here and I see my right and my duty with you
To serve and protect the public and to act for him.

“A day.
This finishes the outgoing Commander major general Yoram halevy friend role, signed another chapter in a history book.
Of the province and put another brick to the glorious heritage of southern province, a province in areas
Many impressive achievements accent. I accept I have to continue on the road towards provincial and generations
While striving for renewal and excellence since before the southern district face many challenges.

Yoram halevy, completing his role as Commander South noted in his speech: the amount mzorez process ״את
Passed me, who served as Deputy Chief and who substitute today gets me back command.
For the province. Today, after three years and three months, I
Brings you the precious deposit and heavy responsibility for the safety and security of residents of the province. For you.
This is closure. For me this is one of the most challenging periods in one of
The most fascinating and interesting role that I did. I got
To me a great district and I have outstanding district.

“Before I came here I was told about the heat.
Now I know that’s the way you envelope, the way you receive and hugging the leaders
: Jews, of the various partnerships and anyone who came in contact with you.

“The breakup.
Today is not easy for me, just when comes the time when you realize it’s over,.
You need to break up and move on. You feel strong Pang, feel the chhachoach
The throat, hoarseness and that … But
From deep longing, strong. Yearning for commanders, officers and warriors?
Behind. Longing for immigrants who moved a long way
Not short, long hours without sleep, anticipation and suspense. Al us
Forget for a moment that these people are families and traditions, partners and children. Families
Only the understanding of their responsibilities and enable us, wearing the uniform, our full dedication and faith.

Translated from Hebrew