Majestic warriors prevented by an attack in Jerusalem, after they saw three terrorists who hide guns, knives and explosives. Noterlopigo ‘ in Jerusalem: three bombers arrived at noon (Wednesday) to the Damascus Gate area, hiding weapons under their clothes. MAG Warriors team Jerusalem Post instead of security mission, three triggered suspicion.

The Warriors went to check on the suspects during the test, while one of the guerrillas gave identity to the team, his friends pulled guns and knives, opened fire and stab wounds and two wounded fighters. The staff responded quickly and professionally shot and killed the three bombers, assisted by an officer arrived.

On the bodies of guerrillas seized guns, knives and Carl Gustav type explosives that are neutralized by explosive force. Both fighters were evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital for medical treatment.

Majestic warriors kept their combined attack and attacks on civilians.

Translated from Hebrew