The contraband meat sanitation problems in and supposedly was heading for sale. Arrested dpailot
Of the border fighters of Israel Police, cracking and military police soldiers held today.
(Tuesday) was delayed for testing suspect to a-za’ayem checkpoint near Ma’ale Adumim. The suspect initially sign
To avoid test, dbrer that arouses suspicion of warriors who insisted a comprehensive test.

Test the fighters found in the truck a double wall and inside the meat – concealable body armor 15 tons of contraband without cooling
And sanitation. The suspect, a man in his 40s resident of Shu’afat refugee camp, taken
For further investigation on cracking process.

“The meat.
Contraband that would eventually be sold in food chains in the country poses a significant health risk.
To the public. We will continue our strenuous activities such as it and found the law violators, “Noting the company commander.

Translated from Hebrew