Knesset salutes Israel Police; Public Security Minister Erdan: ”Officers displaying courage and level-headedness during these tense times”

The Knesset saluted Israel Police on Tuesday with a special ceremony held in Dov Shilansky Auditorium. Prior to the ceremony, the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, as well as the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, held meetings with the participation of Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich.

During the ceremony, Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said ”On this day I salute, on behalf of the elected officials and the citizens of Israel, each and every Israeli police officer. They deserve all the more praise during this tense period, when Israel Police and Border Police forces are stretched to the limit of their abilities on the streets of Jerusalem, at friction points, and throughout the entire country, prepared to face evil and give us a sense of security.”

Minister Erdan said ”we can see that in the current situation, police officers are displaying courage and level-headedness time after time. This has cost us two dead officers and numerous wounded officers. The police officers deserve to be rewarded fairly, and it is our duty as Knesset Members to continue to provide what the police needs: Additional manpower, an increased budget for salaries, fair compensation and more.”

Opposition leader MK Isaac Herzog said ”We must understand that without the police there is no democracy. I am impressed by the deep commitment of those who carry the burden. It is vital that the police are given the ability to eradicate the terror on our streets. There is no opposition and coalition in the deep understanding of the importance of Israel Police and how important it is to back its activities.”

Police chief Alsheich told those on hand that ”the proper management of the tension between law enforcement and providing a service to the citizen passes through the legislature. Israel Police needs the lawmakers to understand its needs and provide the regulatory tools in order to help police function.”

MK Mickey Levy, who initiated the special day in honor of Israel Police, served in the past as Jerusalem Police chief. During the ceremony he mentioned that the force has ”gone through some difficult shake-ups as of late, and received scathing public criticism.” However, he added, ”an injustice is done to Israel Police when people forget about the 30,000 male and female police officers who serve in it. People forget the sacrifice and courage. I feel as though I am your representative in the Knesset, and I will do all I can to continue to assist you.”

Later, the Knesset also marked ”Salute to Israel Police Day” during the plenary sitting.