The ceremony was appointed to captain the County Commissioner and switched Zohar, is used as a substitute Commander of the province. “The key to success is integrating זרועות”היום
(Tuesday) was appointed Chief Amos Jacob Beach District Commander switched Zohar, is used when filling
The provincial control place and the last round of appointments was appointed Deputy Inspector General. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Police Commissioner.
Commissioner Ronnie alshich, Interior Security Minister Gilad erdan, officers and police officers.

A few days with the people dear to me in and to wear the blue uniform. This is a mission
Command has no coast district in Israel Police districts. This is a complex and unique district, full
The challenges and tasks and carries a big mission for which to stand in this province. The key
Success is emphasizing the common denominator and combine arms with mayors and municipalities based on Bush.
Real, patience and tolerance, “specify the incoming District Commander major General Amos Jacob.

The command.
The message District Deputy Commander of coast province, Jamal hachrosh, תנ”צ after a year full of challenges. “One.
The core tasks of the Commander is necessary to decide,
And sometimes difficult decisions. Beach District consists of officers and officers can go strapping them all
Task. I am Sir Win everywhere I went when I went. 2015 began in crisis
And speaking to huge challenges. We decided together several decisions, among them to admit we’re in a crisis and win
It. We left him. The police had to deal with criticism in the street.
And could it The better this year and the results speak for themselves, “said hachrosh תנ”צ.

The achievements of the province תנ”צ hachrosh article:” the results have decreased in all dimensions of the crime.
It’s apartment bursts of 20%, less than 570 cases. On the one hand there is a robbery reduction of 13%
And 56% increase in indictments. Against 14 suspects in the killing were formulated. In the field
The light of the findings of the survey released yesterday, we can say that we have improved. Thank you
Vice Chairman of the great support and assistance. Thanks to the authorities that they thank you and associates
Officers and senior officers of the County for the support of professionalism, loyalty to the tasks and objectives of the district.

Amos Jacob, married with three children. Is Jacob was born in 1962 in a field, where he lives.
Even today. Is Jacob studied in his youth in Jerusalem and began his military service as a soldier in the Golani, refresher
Officers successfully fought in Lebanon war. Later his company commander in the battalion’s almond
Givati Brigade. Is Jacob joined the border patrol in 1988 as section Commander and later the Commander
Company Then he continued, Operations Directorate of the border in Gaza, Deputy Commander of a central
And Deputy Commander of the space. He later became Commander of the northern border, the Commander of the Jenin Jerusalem, Commander
In the border patrol, and the Commander of the SJ district in 2012 is to counter a border police commander.
And in January 2016 Beach District Commander.

Translated from Hebrew