Sulfur pollution near Ashdod Port Photo: Dror Arieli

Ministry to Fine Ashdod Port NIS 2.7m for Marine Pollution
Sulfur pollution near Ashdod Port
Photo: Dror Arieli
The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) has informed Ashdod Port of its intention to impose upon it financial sanctions of NIS 2.7 million for polluting the Mediterranean Sea. The port’s staff unloaded ships improperly and contrary to MoEP instructions, causing particles of sulfur, a hazardous material, to spill into the sea and to flow along the harbor toward nearby fish cages.

​MoEP inspectors discovered the pollution in July 2015, when they saw a large sulfur stain that had spread from a ship that was anchored. The inspectors found that the sulfur spill was the result of sulfur being unloaded in an unsafe manner by the port’s staff, a manner that went against the conditions detailed in Ashdod Port’s permit to discharge materials into the sea. In fact, staff members continued to improperly discharge the sulfur even after the stain began to accumulate, and after they saw an MoEP vehicle in the area. The staff only stopped what they were doing after an inspector that the foreman put an end to it.

The MoeP will be fined in accordance with the 1983 Prevention of Sea Pollution Law (Dumping of Waste).