Piles of waste on Carmel Beach Photo: Galia Pasternak

MoEP Threatens Penalty if Hof Hacarmel Doesn't Clean Up its Beaches
Piles of waste on Carmel Beach
Photo: Galia Pasternak

The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) has sent a "cleanup order" to the Hof Carmel Regional Council. The legal notice informs the council that it must clean up its beaches, or face fines and/or a criminal investigation. It was sent Nov. 30th, after the council ignored a warning issued by the ministry earlier in November.

MoEP supervisors have found that several beaches in the area of the regional council are dirty, with piles of waste spread across the coast, in vegetation, and on paths leading to the sea.

The pollution caused by the waste can be hazardous to the environment, and a nuisance to the public. Cleanliness of beaches must be maintained by the regional council, according to the Maintenance of Cleanliness Law.

The council did clean up its beaches after the MoEP issued a previous warning in August. It is clear, however, that it did not take further steps to prevent the nuisance, as required by law.