Israel Police and the Herzliya municipality will collaborate on Accelerator projects designed to enhance the sense of security in Israel joining the program aironimshtert entrepreneurship and innovation, and taking part in the accelerator of start-ups, which will return to projects in the field of security and safety in urban space. The goal of the collaboration is to identify projects that provide innovative solutions to enhance the feeling of security and quality of life of the townspeople and assistance to law enforcement officials.

Accelerator HAC cycle will focus on technological solutions to solving and preventing crime, personal security and intrusion prevention, urban buildings, preventing and reducing accidents, hazards management, alerts and events in public spaces, parking blocking solutions, security and security in cyberspace security, smart communities, and security technologies.

The entrepreneurs who join the program will be exposed to police information (according to law), working with key people and officials in Israel Police and City Hall and perform experimental programs with partner organizations.

The program will be held in three months. In the first month, will work on projects with organizations and key people in the
Israel and the municipality. In addition to intensive work with business development, nturim
Finance, law, patents, market research and marketing. Last month two mentors work with the developers
Focus on product development, user experience,
And design week Google Launchpad.

Three work the developers on the various aspects of mrkting, sales pitch, elevator speech, standing in front of a crowd,
Preparing to display the project in front of investors and investor calls. The program will end with a presentation of the projects before the city officials and the police,
The mentors side, potential customers, investors and more.

Registration is now open and closes in mid-February. Additional information can be found on the Facebook page:
 HAC – Herzliya Accelerator Center

Translated from Hebrew