A Be’er Sheva court has issued a judgement against two companies in Israel’s south, and their managers. Goodpost and Invei Hanegev HaMa’aravi were operating an illegal compost site near their legal, regulated site on Kibbutz Nirim. This resulted in environmental nuisances. The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) filed an indictment against the companies in February 2015, after its Green Police discovered the site during a routine inspection.

The MoEP issued a warning letter to Goodpost and Invei Hanegev HaMa’aravi after Green Police inspectors found they were operating an illegal site, without the necessary licenses and permits. The site had large quantities of raw animal manure on it, leachate that had the potential of contaminating water sources, and flies. An unreasonable odor was emanating from it, and it did not have any of the environmental infrastructure required by law.

The ministry called the companies’ owners and managers in for a hearing when they did not heed the letter’s warning. When the site still was not cleaned, the MoEP filed charges against the companies and owners. They were charged with: illegal disposal of waste in a public space, running a business without a permit or license, causing a strong or unreasonable odor, and causing an environmental nuisance.

On Feb. 16, 2016, a court convicted the accused, and sentenced each company to a NIS 100,000 fine. They also had to give a financial guarantee, in the amount of NIS 200,000, that they would refrain from similar offenses for three years. The managers were also fined an additional NIS 70,000, and given six months of probation.