PM Netanyahu Meets with Representatives of Bereaved Families from the Wave of Terrorism
Photo by Kobi Gideon, GPO     

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today, in Jerusalem, met with representatives of bereaved families from the wave of terrorism; he acceded to the families’ request to meet with him in order to discuss how they are coping with loss and bereavement.
"We have come to you out of pain," one bereaved sister said. "We have come to strengthen you, that you should do everything so that this does not recur."
The families’ representatives asked that consideration be given to the possibility of expelling terrorists’ families to Gaza and of shortening the time necessary for the demolition of terrorists’ homes. The Prime Minister explained that steps are being taken to move forward on them but added that they are encountering legal difficulties.
Prime Minister Netanyahu noted the actions being taken by the IDF and the Israel Police and told the families that he understands their pain as a member of the same family of the bereaved: "Your stories are heart-rending. We have been in a war against terrorism for 100 years. We are fighting and winning all the time. We will defeat this wave as well. We are in a protracted struggle. I am telling you the plain truth. We are being affected by the global whirlwind of radical Islam."
The families presented the Prime Minister with a document listing their recommendations for the continuation of the fight against the wave of terrorism.