PM Netanyahu Visits Border Policewoman and IDF Soldier who Were Wounded in Recent Terrorist Attacks
Photo by Amos Ben Gershom, GPO 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this morning, visited Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital, visited the Border Policewoman who was wounded in yesterday’s terrorist attack at Damascus Gate and the IDF soldier who was wounded in a terrorist attack in Beit El several days ago.
Prime Minister Netanyahu:
"I just visited with the Border Policewoman who – along with her comrades – acted with heroism and resourcefulness. Together with their commander, they prevented a much greater disaster. I was impressed by her courage, tenacity and steadfastness, and of her family. Of course, we all grieve over the death of Hadar Cohen, a genuine hero. We all embrace her family.
We are in a very major effort against terrorism. Kabatiya is cordoned off. The IDF and the ISA are carrying out widespread arrests. We have revoked very many permits to work in Israel and the Attorney General informed me yesterday that he has slated several more terrorists’ homes to be sealed and demolished. This is only part of our efforts to fight this terrorism, and we will defeat it. It will take time; this is a protracted struggle. Islamic terrorism is inundating the world and inciting millions in many countries, from Jakarta to Africa to California. We are part of this turmoil, it is not skipping over us, and we are fighting it with great strength and will continue to do so."
Prime Minister told the wounded Border Policewoman and soldier: "Your reactions and your resourcefulness prevented terrible disasters. The entire Israeli people embrace you and hope that you will recover quickly."
The Border Policewoman who was wounded yesterday told the Prime Minister how the incident unfolded, including the action taken by the Border Police and her involvement. She said, "We are here to protect civilians. This is what we were drafted for and this is why we are here. I have no doubt that Hadar knew this and acted in this light. I understood that Hadar saved my life."