The department for enforcement and supervision, in conjunction with the fraud unit of the Israel Police’s Coast region, had caught supplier of slimming pills marketed as "Slim Extreme" ​

During a joint operation of the Department for enforcement and supervision of the Ministry of Health and Israel police on February 2, 2016, the forces had caught in Hedera’s area an illegal supplier of slimming pills marketed as Slim Xtreme, which are not approved by the Ministry of Health. 
The slimming pills have been tested at the Health Ministry, and were found to be fake and containing the active substance Sibutramine, which was banned by the Ministry of Health already in 2010 for consumption and for marketing. The use of Sibutramine may cause health problems and serious side effects such as psychotic disorders, heart attacks and death. In addition, during the operation police seized at the suspect’s home various types of diet pills which will be tested at Ministry of Health’s laboratories.
The Ministry of Health again urges the public not to consume slimming pills from unauthorized sources, and recommends to consult a doctor or a pharmacist before taking any product aims at weight loss.

 Seizing of tainted Slim Xtreme slimming pills