David is a business first entry Pavilion, received a commander of the space and meets with the Mayor of the southern iltmpacd, David, value today (Mon) at first visit in Eilat, during which he received a space Commander Manchester ” than the achievements of Jurga space over the past year, as well as Tin threats ” of the hardships, the crime characteristics and future space programs.

He later met with provincial chief officers and retired officers space, praised the police and volunteers for their work and achievements of space and you declined? in the past year. Also, bless the devout and hot with retired.

Away went the District Commander to a meeting with the Mayor of Eilat, Mr. Meir Halevi. The Mayor praised the Chief province to mark the entry into Office, praised the police officers and volunteers and space space Commander on the cooperation with the municipality of haddock the eradication of crime and maintaining quality of life for city residents and guests.

Finally met the Commander of space with representatives of security agencies, and emergency rescue in the city including the army, heard about the collaboration and the space and other emergency agencies and rescue scenarios. The District Chief said that should preserve the excellence standard where the space today, and should be added to prepare for criminal and security scenarios that threaten the fabric of life.

Translated from Hebrew