A terrorist who came to the tightening of the border police pulled a knife toward majestic Warrior the Warrior intact and disable mpgaataarb () was a stabbing in Hebron against fighters from 160 to Palestinian blocked a border position, next to the tomb of the Patriarchs, aroused suspicion of the fighters stationed there and a post iishim.

The Warriors called a suspect to stop but she continued to make progress towards a same carried in their hands. When one of the fighters, pulled a knife and terrorist tried to stab the soldier. In response top fighter and opened fire towards her until disarmed. The Warrior is intact. The terrorist was injured critically and was taken to the hospital.

Following the event evolved rather than riots. The fighters forced the rioters using measures.

The company commander praised the fighters and said: ״פעלתם calmly exactly as you might expect of you. The alertness and vigilance you demonstrate when proven event as Angels life and constitute the main cause of these events over time and not נפגעים״.

Translated from Hebrew