Car fleeing cops tried to run them over. In response, carried out the shooting. In the car found three suspects. The circumstances of the case were in nhakrtshuterim in a-za’ayem checkpoint spotted the two suspects that the separation fence into Israeli vehicles waiting for them on the road toward Jerusalem. The police moved the report to additional teams arriving somewhere.

The Red Castle junction the suspect vehicle in traffic. Staff officers out on foot toward the vehicle and called him to stop. When the suspects spotted in cops, they went backward, hit by car while attempting to escape and tried to run over the officers. The officers were in immediate peril carried out firing at the vehicle to continue driving until the separation area and performed a u-turn towards a checkpoint. Another team of police blocked the path of travel of the vehicle. The suspects continued drive toward the police vehicle and damaged him in power until stopped.

Three Jihad fighters were wounded in the incident and were evacuated for medical treatment in the hospital. By car the suspect arrested three suspects, two of them were shot and injured and evacuated for medical treatment. All leads are tested.

Translated from Hebrew