Large police forces secure the marchers along the walking path, which starts at the square and ends at arialamachr Plaza (Saturday) starting at 7:30 pm to be held in Tel Aviv to protest the gas parameters. During the week the organizers request ordered to check in. The request was approved by the police, which will help organizers by law and rules. After organizers pledged that the protest along be kept public order and traffic arteries are blocked except those that block by the police.

Because of the security situation of police forces secure the marchers along the walking path that starts at the square and ends at Beit Ariela. Police policy is to allow free speech and legitimate protest, and to enforce the law in a manner determined towards anyone who elects to defy the order.

Roads and traffic jams are expected
1) will parade route in the square to Marmorek Street, left into Ibn gvirol Street, right onto King Shaul Blvd. to ariella House extension.

2) due to the protests and from 19:00 to the motion axis block:
-Ibn Gabirol between Marmorek Kings in Israel.
Ben-Zion King George to תרס”ט Avenue.
Menachem Begin-the Maccabees to Carlebach. karlibach hashmonaim until Solomon ibn Gabirol.
-King George to Dizengoff Ibn Gabirol. Kaplan, Mike for till Ibn Gabirol.
The prophets of King George to Ibn Gabirol.
-Sderot Shaul hamelech witzman to Ibn Gabirol.
He thanked Vinci Dubnow-Kaplan towards Shaul hamelech.

3) avoid using roads and vehicles in the streets which are blocked.

4) avoid getting in private vehicles and to use public transport, Israel railways.

5) public drivers arriving vehicles are advised to use car parks: parking Givon. Street Azrieli parking on the street for, ammunition Hill. Government parking for street/Kaplan. Kaplan Street violinist garage/Deb Winchell. Golda Meir street parking Berkowitz 7. Museum Tower car park in block 4 Berkowitz. Train garage galili Center/convert.

All visitors to the City Hall and the theatre are kindly requested to bring their arrival because of expected traffic and the public asked to patient.

Translated from Hebrew