Salute day held in gratitude to the police for the sake of Israel citizens. During the day the discussions in the committees chnstehium (Tuesday) held in the Israel Police day, as an expression of gratitude to the officers in the police
Awarded for Israel citizens security. During discussions today in the Knesset committees
And were vote various bills relating to police activities. In closing the ceremony was held
Police troops.

The policeman is often thankless. Is the mission supervisor, summer rain and snow. When citizens
Israel is heating up around the stove, the cops out on assignments. When the snow becomes a reason for spending, he
Not intended for children. These are also confined to and required to increase space, and command complexes
And control, “said the Chief of police in a day.

Citizens of Israel is decked out for a family dinner on Christmas Eve, they don’t always remember who that loser,
That is required to be there in the street against crime and security challenges and of course to deal with traffic congestion.
No reason to celebrate, as great, March, or just spending time in nature, is reason enough for more and more.
Survey officers.

“A day.
That given the opportunity, through chosen people.
Who took the initiative to thank police officers and fighters, which harness for safety and daily contact
Against hate armed with knives or even firearms.

“I want
Get here a call to join us, Israel Police, national action is important and challenging. Important
This call reaches all parts of the population, because they all have a place in Israel. “

Want to see police officers on the streets. There is a lot of walking to do in technological, but
The police should be available. However, it is unclear how the order affected to benefit troops
Homeland Security. When we upload everyday for months, hundreds of officers to Jerusalem, it hits the services provided
Citizens throughout the country. We want a COP gets a full training and we have to hit it to save
About the security. “

On crime, but
“Cyber crime in the world today go towards the cyber criminal activity online. Easier.
To perform “network” bites than to wear a mask and Rob a bank. We all understand this challenge.
Enormous, dramatic change. It requires new professions, new roles, to continue to be
Relevant. Therefore the network needs to increase attendance.

The crime rate among the Arab population, “the situation is unbearable. Who suffers the most.
He first of all the Arab sector. Therefore we have a strong desire to deepen the police services of the population
The Arabic. Western authorities have met Chief. assign structures for police services
Work in the sector. There is also willingness to recruit us academic officers from that difficult to find.
Employment respect. You can raise them and turn them into significant roles. There is no other way.
Give quality police services when the police does not represent multiculturalism ability.
To understand the uniqueness and sensitivity. We want to improve its compliance process of the law in each of the sectors
Israeli society. “

The public, media and values: “police should be directed to customer problems
-Normative citizen in the territory. Part of the service to normal citizen is to uphold the law.
The perpetrator “.

“We checked
What causes us citizen facing accordingly what was bothering him. The analysis is divided into territories, in order
To target and solve problems in the area of residence. All normative citizen doing occasional transgression, but
Should not be confused with normative to citizens. The officer needs to know to change perception
Passing from normative citizens offenders. It’s a huge challenge and therefore these distinctions really
Important “.

We produce more services officer. He needs not only to enforce the law, but also to provide police services
To solve problems. Gradually it becomes more services officer. It’s not just challenge but understood
This is way more powerful than just talk about values. Must be a different focus in each territory,
To conform to what civilian.

“The concept
The most important is “stateful” – even in normative and civilian crime.
We are all humans and we are affected by the situation. When we see the traffic we have to download
My foot off the gas. This is an example of situational prevention – the situation reduces the chance you do offense. Presence
Police and control is part of it, but another part has to do with the relevant regulation.

“In years.
The recent police made an important way in combating violence at clubs. Situational prevention means
– When you have regulation that has the club know what is expected of him: a joint active cameras cameras,
In terms of capacity, etc. Who receives the license know that criticism of the police, harsh.
The owner of the Club, but the civilians will eventually leave the Club. So when shazrach comes out.
From the Club. For example take סמ”פ in paratroopers. Situational prevention of roles she says
Don’t catch him driving under the influence, but to prevent, or to minimize, the way he gets on
The wheel drunk.

Offer for the Club nshipons to check blood alcohol level, with the authorities.
To value, reducing the possibility of ashichor exceed the wheel, and the possibility that arrives on Sunday.
That he is in custody. My job is to keep him from doing that, which prevents situational. “

To do everything possible to refine the models and get cooperation from the legislature attributes greater severity in regulation to help prevent
Situational. We in the beginning, we start thinking with the public authorities on possible partnerships.

And we define troubleshooting and enforcement amount, so if the problem is reduced and decreasing crime did
My job. I’m not checking some people put in jail. It’s a classic policing. High policing has
That is intelligence-oriented website, to prevent terrorism and put another film course.

Promoting issues of Homeland Security together with the police officer’s shooting – so create situational prevention
Interoperability. The COP knows that he acts otherwise, arbitrator. Citizen who knows he’s photographed taking
Consider that. The friction decreases.

“At the end
This concept, saying that all required prevention situational and should we have cranes to
To be better. All trap to catch one and it is important to agree on such a police role.
And to help her. We want you to understand the rationale and the Priory. To create a good society.
We don’t want our prisons are filled with civilians, criminals “.

“The police.
Busy little but should answer every citizen who calls her. If another COP, frustrated citizens. Have a plan
Solomon how to do it and the idea is to initiate not just called. Not everything requires.
Citizens call us to handle cell surface can have. The idea is to increase the activity
Initiative “.

We don’t want to work in cooperation with the media. We show the media what we do
Not intend to close the police communications, but there are issues, such as investigations and arrests materials,
If there are loopholes that remain confidential handle them hard. “

Translated from Hebrew