Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai Office as Commander of majestic ceremony. He replaces Major General Amos Yaakov, who steered the Corps for more than 3 years old is Jacob
(Kobe) Saturn entered this morning (Thursday) for his role as Commander of the border police, in a ceremony at the headquarters of the border patrol.
In Lod. Is Saturn replaced Chief Amos Yaakov, who marched his Corps for over three years.
And in the last round of appointments to command and lead the coastal district.

The ceremony took place
In the presence of the Chief of police, relations between Rooney alshich, Minister of internal security command, ardan
Israel Police and naval commanders, in the past, partners and family members of the officers.

The exception is Jacob, said in his speech: “there is no doubt that being a Chief Conservator
The line was part of my life. We knew in the past three years doing much and happy moments,
And operational successes, and events which took us price. Due to being the body armour
The country’s lost warriors and warriors, best sons and daughters, which are an integral part of the chain of
Generations of commanders and fighters in pride NES defense over 60 years. I’d finished my job to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you,
Keep vigilant bravely. I had the privilege and honor to be pkdechm, proud and salute you. “

Jeep Commander
Inbox, Yaakov Shabtai congratulated Chief Jacob and said, “I sense of responsibility is in front of you.
And the right to command. The mission role is broad and meaningful. Won.
One of the founders of a chain with, people who have ordered the expensive special force
. I’m honored to stand on stage and thank Commissioner Amos Jacob, his work for the Corps, there
Doubt that you own. I wish Godspeed to all and days of welcome.

Police greeted the two “fighters and border fighters prove every day that their
For saving the State of Israel. Dear busy three years leading the line, and in the way.
The humble title applies strong and healthy that the building might contain deep preoccupation. Today this class
I thank you for your contribution, and to wish success in your duties. Jacob, I believe you
The border patrol and guaranteed that new chmpkd lead the way, reforms.
On duty “.

The Minister of public security
Inside: “the border is a glorious heritage with a force that is right to stand on his head. I
Thanking the outgoing Commander Majid, Amos Jacob, and wish good luck to the incoming Commander, major General John Jacob
Saturn. “Melting pot” as and there’s no place better represents
The living together here in Israel as we like to see: shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to shoulder,
And warriors who protect all of us, for our company, for our country. In recent months, meeting times
With the warriors and warriors from each time, even in the most difficult days I saw in their eyes –
Eyes – the mission, your steadfastness. This is a Jerry wherever there is danger,
Wherever required professionalism, courage – where the border fighters. “

Translated from Hebrew