An indictment must be filed against young’s brother, suspected killed her with a hammer. He was arrested five days after the iroalpni about a month ago, on 13 January, midnight woman’s body was found in an open field between the junction leading to Kibbutz hannaton. Officers who arrived at the scene and opened a short time it became clear that at 19 year-old resident of the village of zarzir. Violence marks were found on her body.

While collecting artifacts and collect evidence that night (12.1.16) met in the village of Mashhad, ordered her to get into the car and refusing to do so,
Her into his car and drove away.

The suspect went into the Woods hannaton. When the rest of the car and started to beat her,
The rest begged for her life but the suspect came to pension off by shblevo.
The suspect shock alone using a hammer until dead and fled the scene.
The suspect planned the ordeal of the rest details with others, they took care
To update him on the road to the police due to his being a fugitive from August

The suspect was arrested five days after the incident the police activity.
During the investigation police arrest five suspects on suspicion of involvement in the incident. After intensive investigation, while enabling the researchers created a solid evidentiary
And accordingly, on Tuesday submitted a declaration to the Court Prosecutor by Prosecutor’s Office
North District.
Sunday will be served against the suspect indicted for kidnapping and murder.

Translated from Hebrew