The President respects exists at a family citrus COP killed in a late priest who in chmnshia gate
The country, Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin, exist today (Monday) in respects of a family house.
Adina Cohen who was killed last week in an attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

On arrival
To the family home, hugged President parents of citrus, Ofer and violet and her brother, Moore and Yarin.
The President spoke with the family about Valor for her participation and courage of citrus, contact Ofer father and said:
“Shatzdat your daughter over her grave, all the people salute you. Written sources about David melodies
I reserve, today to say I also converted. These warriors are our pride.

Her father.
Late of citrus replied the President: “I was told Adina Israel heroine, I think about the people
She saved many. If was alive were pressuring her for Valor for her participation. Right here, where
We’re seven months ago, she celebrated the raising. The father told the President that night.
Before the bombing, spoke on the phone late compiler asked her to watch herself. “I asked
Her to pay attention and look at all sides. The President reinforced that and said she noticed and knew
Exactly what she’s doing. Its action has prevented a major catastrophe “.

Of citrus, violet, told the President that she would next month to celebrate his 19th birthday:
“Recovery from an early age compiler to be a soldier, she fulfilled her dream. I hope to be
The bereaved mother and family last to know this pain.

Her sister told Adina premiere on strongest relationship was between them and giving that characterized her sister:
“Hadar was a giving and love. We hear a lot of stories that seven indicate
Actions. I believe that the way to preserve it is to instill the love and her ability for אדם״.

Listen to the family and said: “the sorrow of these assons women. They know what their role and
The responsibility lies with them. Hadar and warriors who were by her side blocked the font the hazards. Hearts you
We are proud of our boys and girls standing guard without hesitation. “

Of the President, the Commander of the Jeep Commander Amos Yaakov, who emphasized that the compiler’s family became
To be an integral part of Meg and noted that regional action and event fighters prevented an attack difficult.
Even more.

Translated from Hebrew