The owners of the bike shops in Tacoma area suspects that purchased the electric bike boys stole over 110 zogotatamol (v) Israel Police raided along with the audio unit inspectors and Department of transportation on three stores selling and repairing bicycles on suspected stolen bikes and equipment commercialized steal also. Three were arrested on suspicion of dealing in stolen bicycles, tax evasion and making changes to the bike, can’t fix.

Last week arrested 13 youths on suspicion of stealing more than 110 electric bicycles and bicycle batteries. The interrogation revealed that the stolen property were sold in stores in their area. Following cases in the last activity that stores about the suspicion.

The test held by audio professionals found numerous deficiencies in the reporting of revenue numbers. Also found by the inspectors several bikes that has them on suspected Israeli standard change which causes them to travel faster than the speed limit.

Overall, seizing more than 20 bikes and dozens of suspected stolen batteries. One who stolen bike in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Giv’atayim and possession with the front of his bike frame can access and space station to see if bike found.

Electric bike theft and battery together with the wild rchibtam of cyclists as a result of the changes, constitutes one of the issues which bother most people. The police, other law enforcement bodies combined, is determined to deal with this phenomenon in all the tools at its disposal and will continue to do so.

Translated from Hebrew