Dust storm in Tel Aviv, Jan. 18, 2016 Photo: Eitan Maza

Tues, Jan. 19, 2016: Air Pollution Levels Remain High
Dust storm in Tel Aviv, Jan. 18, 2016
Photo: Eitan Maza

Another hazy day in Israel, as air pollution levels remain high for the second straight day. While the air quality in much of the north has improved as a result of rain, as of 10:30 Tuesday morning, pollution levels remain high from Hadera down to the south of the country. The air quality throughout the center of the country is expected to significantly improve, as the rain continues to move south. The pollution should lift for the entire country by late afternoon.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) is recommending that vulnerable populations in affected areas stay indoors and avoid strenuous activities. These populations include: those with heart and lung diseases, the elderly, children, and pregnant women.

The pollution is a result of low pressure over the eastern Mediterranean that is causing strong south-westerly winds. These winds are carrying dust from Egypt and Sinai toward Israel. They are also causing sand storms over Israel’s southern Negev region.

The MoEP will continue to update the public with the latest data and forecasts on air quality throughout the country.

Click for a map of current air quality levels (Hebrew only), updated daily at 9:00 and 14:00.