A delayed for inspection by police attacked them with a knife. The policemen were not harmed in the incident. Deputy Commander of the province: “avoided injury in my life אדם”היום (2) was
Stabbing at the Damascus Gate. A police force that was in the street toward Damascus Gate noticed young.
That’s them. When they reached the gate and the subject is still near, they went to check it out.
Maintaining long-term confidence.

The suspect, one of her hands.
Were in the Pocket, pulled a large knife at the police who managed to gain control over it. Searching for silence
Found another knife. The policemen were not harmed. The suspect, 15-year-old resident of East Jerusalem,
For investigation.

Jerusalem District Commander, major general Avshalom Feld: ‘ alertness and drichotam officers from operational
Injury to human life. The latest events increases the willingness and spirit of warriors and officers
Operating in the province. We got along, we determined and strong protection for our citizens as necessary.

Translated from Hebrew