Major General Yoram halevy Office as Commander of Jerusalem District ceremony He replaces Major General Moshe (Chico) Edri to oversee Tel avibaium
(2) the replacement ceremony Jerusalem District command. Major General Yoram halevy Office as Commander of the district
And replaced Moshe (Chico) Edri to serve as Commander of the Tel Aviv District. The ceremony took place in the presence of Minister of internal security MK ardan, the Commissioner Commissioner
Ronnie alshich, the staff members of the national command authorities, the Jerusalem District command, officers,
Warriors and guests.

Yoram halevy, 52 years old, married with three children. In the service
The police performed commanding and less significant and the core of Israel, including the Commander,
Head of community and civil guard head blade 433 and South County.

The Police Commissioner,
Commissioner Ronnie alshich, in his speech, the outgoing district, said Edri
Chico, led the province representing more than Israel Police to guarantee security,
Turbulent era of jumping from scene to scene, interview, lessons, briefings and back again. Jerusalem
Have you Chico hospital shalvata maniacs. Wisdom of balance, avoiding an atmosphere of “battlefield”
The struggle for life and routine back on track as quickly as possible, even after adverse events and treatment
Also saw more critical role of Israel Police, were all residents of what simalt
And “leaders.

The Commissioner congratulated the incoming District Commander, and said: “Jerusalem won כ’איש
To serve her in different positions and now you get to carry the name, Sir. No
Doubt that manage to combine unique on your way between old and new, to the police I
Wish you much success in this complex role.

Incoming District, Yoram halevy, said at the ceremony: “we are all witnessing these days for courage and heroism
Of the County officers and fighters deployed in large-scale Jazz throughout the city, in order to ensure
And maintain and safety of the public. To prevent injury to innocent human beings testimony and nationalities
. I pledge to work together with you to continue the way it went.
My predecessors and continue the dedication which operated the past. There, officers, staff officers and warriors.
A doing endless devotion and work will continue to do so in the future in faith. No
Me doubt all of us keep moving the county seat to professional accomplishments, and know how to swim
Each teacher and an obstacle “.

The leaves, Edri, thanked all the County officers “privilege fell in parts of
As shopkado by the responsibility for the province, and no greater. At the top of
First I would like to thank the real heroes who acts alone and courage saved lives.
Those officers and warriors, blue and green, that remind us every
The uniqueness and mission of Israel. No
A lesson that gave officers and warriors for Jerusalem Palestinians in Israel’s capital, and, as was
Has the right to keep their heads.

He praised the officers faced Edri, cops, fighters and volunteers, saying: officers and County warriors
They come and of determination, strength and bravery. Evidence in the last attack in Damascus Gate where a fighter.
Citrus, Cohen, for Valor for her participation in the battle averted attack more difficult. May she rest in peace. ” Stands
Edri welcomed the District Commander, major general Yoram halevy, noting that “Jerusalem to receive
District Chief and practiced values. District Chief who has all the skills and capabilities to respond to Jerusalem
The safest attracted needed during this period and lead the region to the future challenges.

Translated from Hebrew