Evidentiary formed against doctors employed in public hospitals who received payment from Thierry rparopas is a public hospital officials investigated
On suspicion of demanding and receiving high amounts of money from the so-called “cures” for tourists
Operations carried out in the public hospital where they are employed, in addition to the fee paid by
Them to the hospital itself which embodies the Charter.

The investigation began in January 2014, to divert
The State Prosecutor to head the Division of investigation and intelligence. The inquiry investigated dozens of crows,
The warning, seized documents, treated materials received from the tax authorities who investigated the aspects
Her before the police investigation has begun and carried out investigation actions range widely.

“Medical tourism” nonresident arrival
To a foreign country for medical treatment. Israel is an attraction ל”תיירות cure”
Due to advanced medicine and gained world-renowned experts in various fields. In hospitals
Israel public embraced “healing tourism” as a source of income that is designed to allow the purchase of
Equipment and improving services to patients in Israel, ordered the construction of payment mechanism for the hospital.
Himself, for medical treatment, surgery, hospitalization, tests, etc., the anchor in principals
The hospital and the Health Ministry.

The findings of the investigation that the
2009-2013, “medicinal” tourists need to analyze to doctors and suspects sought
Because the surgery is performed. The investigative findings indicate about 40 cases, referring to the suspects
When offered the doctors to perform the surgery at a public hospital where they are employed as part of the arrangement.
The programme, i.e. payment paid to the hospital and demanded and received a separate sum payable
To their pockets.

After the investigation, it was decided that the evidentiary formed
To commit bribery and fraud and breach of trust by three doctors employed in public hospitals.
The investigation moved to the Tel Aviv District Attorney (criminal law) which was the case for review and decision.

Translated from Hebrew