Increased targeted enforcement against Helena, and drove these hokiimbimim stay at an increased focus enforcement against staying
Illegal, given the security situation, as well as enforcing strict and uncompromising against related offences,
Including employment, and illegally gave.

In the last 24 hours the officers and fighters
Majid acted in hundreds of sites and arrested more than 250 illegal stay and 15 employers and 12

Enforcement is carried out in several locations, including on the seam and in the cities, especially
Construction sites and public centers. As a response to the public.

Every year tens of thousands of bags for pop-up that was
Illegal in cases where there is a proven agency suspects are
Before requesting an arrest and indictment. The police and legal activity focuses on small,
A credible and employers of illegal stay and taken administrative measures, including closing
Construction sites, restaurants, etc.

The investigation activities of the illegal
Will and justice with help.

Translated from Hebrew