The Minister of public security confirmed the Commissioner’s recommendations for a series of appointments, including Deputy Commander, districts and commanders of units national controls on security brother ardan confirmed this morning (Thursday)
Recommendation the Chief of police, relations between Rooney, 212 to appoint senior police officers.
For the following positions:

תנ”צ Yossi Bachar to Vice Commander of the Tel Aviv District (סממ”ז)
צנ”צ Amnon alkalai, סממ”ז role תנ”צ role סממ”ז Super geek.
SJ תנ”צ Ami eshed סממ”ז role Jerusalem, תנ”צ yoaz notebook
סממ”ז Beach, תנ”צ role Uzi Levi Deputy Commander role, תנ”צ
Gedi base Vice head, careful Feld תנ”צ ‘ve nevereven been an i.p. Chief Majid
In Judea and Samaria, תנ”צ Yehuda Ben Atar Chief Director, light rail, תנ”צ
AFI habibian Israel Police representative role in the National Security Council.

It also approved the following appointments and promotions to the rank of Deputy Commissioner:
נצ”מ Solomon appointed to Security Secretary of the Minister of public security,
נצ”מ Jose hamo, Vice Mayor נצ”מ: 1 Samuel to Vice
נצ”מ head אמ”ש, Shimon resulted in Chief, space נצ”מ Moti edrey
Named Chief, space נצ”מ gave the Chief entered space, נצ”מ
Me garlands for Chief נצ”מ, space Itzik Saban for Chief John space
Jerusalem, נצ”מ Boaz Goldberg Vice head of Lion, נצ”מ oak
Chief Operations Division, einat Gil נצ”מ aggregators to רח”ט security role
Life נצ”מ Blumenfeld for Chief National Police College, Michael נצ”מ
The spread for the job training רח”ט Cyrus נצ”מ in Chief rnor national unit
Fraud investigations, ALEKS נצ”מ to the national unit for combating economic crime
Yigal Ben Shalom נצ”מ Chief national unit to investigate serious crime and international
Eran נצ”מ fireplace Investigation Division Chief.

We wish much success to officers in new roles!

Translated from Hebrew